Celebrating Alan Altshuler's Career as a Teacher, Colleague, Leader, and Friend 

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Celebrating Alan Altshuler's Career

We will come together on the afternoon of Friday, June 7, 2013 to celebrate Alan Altshuler's career as a teacher, scholar, colleague, leader and friend.

Please share your reflections, memories, and thoughts and feel free to read others' comments as well. You also can add any pictures and other images you want to share with Alan and others.

On this website, you also can find the schedule for the day, a list of speakers at the celebration, and pictures and other images we have collected. We look forward to celebrating with you on June 7th.

A new postings on the "Reflections" page from Henry Lee, who worked with Alan in the Sargent Administration and later was a colleague at the Kennedy School


I am sorry to miss the celebration of your remarkable career, but I am in China. You have been part of my professional life for over 40 years. I remember when Governor Sargent appointed you to oversee the Boston transportation review. Few people know that you were the intellectual driving force in changing the focus of transportation planning in this city and to a large extent in this country. You subsequently became the star of the Sargent cabinet, not only by force of your vision and substantive expertise, but also because of your political acumen.   I learned an enormous amount about public administration watching you.

I had been at the Kennedy School for about five years when we were together at a conference in Aspen. While you might have been the strongest intellect in the room in the Sargent administration, I realized that the Aspen crowd was a much more credentialed group and it would be unrealistic to think that you would still be the most respected voice in the room. I was wrong; you were still the most impressive person.  When you accepted to come to the Kennedy school, I felt very privileged to have another opportunity to work with you.

While your contributions to urban planning and transportation policy has set a standard by which all future scholars will be measured, you have always been generous to others. While those who read your papers and books have been influenced by your scholarship and wisdom, those of us fortunate to have worked with you will remember your kindness and your friendship. You personify what I believe a Kennedy School professor should be.